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Media captionIt's the EU that will decide the terms of the Brexit deal, says Chris Patten Mr Faull suggested that if the UK cannot accept the fundamental rules of the single market it would be regarded as a foreign country: "I don't think it is a question of buying your way somehow into the single market." "You're a member of the single market as a member of the EU or the EEA. Or you're a foreign country outside it, and you conclude agreements with the EU - if you want to and it wants to - regarding the way in which your goods, services, capital and people move around. "Or you don't and you have one or two international rules which apply and that's it, that's a choice to be made by both sides." Newsnight was speaking to Mr Faull as part of a profile of Michel Barnier, the former French foreign minister who is the EU's chief Brexit negotiator. Downing Street expects Barnier to adopt a hardline stance once the Brexit negotiations are formally under way when Theresa May triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. But in private, ministers believe that Angela Merkel will take a more benign approach if she wins re-election as German chancellor later this year. Image copyright Getty Images Mr Faull warns that Theresa May's government could be in danger of repeating the mistake of David Cameron who believed that Mrs Merkel would come to his rescue . Mr Faull was the senior European Commission official involved in the Cameron negotiations. "I think it would be a mistake to see the EU institutions as somehow wholly different from the 27 countries. These are all actors that will be working together on this," he said. "I think one should look perhaps at the experience of the negotiations which took place before the referendum.

And the pressure on students to make good on their parents investment presents even greater challenges. The parents sacrifice a lot, but they may not remember that the child is also sacrificing a lot, Tsong said. Some kids lose their way, said Hsing-Fang Chang, a Pasadena psychologist who specializes in working with Chinese families who send their kids to study in America. Teenagers need to connect and belong to their own community, Chang said. They look for popular girls, boys or cliques to connect to. And when they dont have their family around, this need becomes even more strong. A few minutes after 8 p.m., Hsu arrives. He grins at Zhous son, takes off his sneakers and dons black and orange Nike sandals. In his room, he opens his binder to the days homework a vocabulary worksheet with words like reasonable, austere and genre. He sheds his Southlands Christian School sweater and changes into a zip-up hoodie, then sits next to Zhou on thecouch. Hsu is a shy 17-year-old with owl-like glasses and long combed hair that falls over his eyes when he laughs. Hes skinny but he doesnt plan to stay that way a giant jar of protein powder sits on the shelf above his desk next to a picture of his parents, with whomhe texts every day. I was below average in China. Here, I am above average. Hsu, a Chinese student doing a home stay in Rowland Heights It was his decision to come to the U.S., he said. But then he clarifies that: His father, an executive at a Chinese telecom company, suggested it, and Hsu agreed.

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