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Amazon wants to create an online answer to the dressing room. Image source: Getty Images. Part of Amazon Grand Challenges, the company's internal innovation incubator, the new effort became public when the employee in charge of the project wrote about it in his LinkedIn profile. That employee, Sam Dwarakanath, formerly worked on the Amazon Go convenience store concept, and he laid out his new job as follows: As of September 2016 I am building and leading a technical team that is focused on making it easy for customers to discover apparel and shoes that appeal to them, including finding the perfect fit. ... Our problems span hardware/robotics, applied research (statistical learning/machine learning, information retrieval, optimization, and image processing), usability (UI design and UX research), software engineering (broad array of design, implementation, and algorithm problems), and quality assurance. Those, of course, are not easy problems to solve, but Amazon certainly has the resources to make it happen. It's hard to know what direction the company will take to create virtual fitting rooms or other methods to minimize how often a customer places an order that eventually has to be returned, but that's clearly the goal. Mall-based apparel retailers have been struggling and chains including Sears Holdings and J.C. Penney have seen their apparel business shrink dramatically. The internet has certainly contributed to that and with Amazon making a full-on charge into the clothing space by launching multiple private-label brands, solving the problem of ill-fitting items would remove one of the few edges physical stores have.

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But the other 27 members of the EU combined have about five times the economic might of Britain. They also have a strong incentive to deny the UK a deal so attractive it might encourage others to follow the British example. With May still hammering out the details of a post-election deal to stay in power with the support of a small Northern Irish party, there are fears of a disorderly exit that would weaken the West, imperil Britain's $2.5 trillion economy and undermine London's position as the only financial center to rival New York. Compounding the pressures on the British leader, she has been widely accused of failing to show enough empathy with victims of a horrific tower block fire in London last week. One European diplomat in London said the political upheaval was such that it was difficult to know what to write back to his capital, pouring scorn on May's campaign slogan of 'strong and stable leadership'. "What can you say of meaning about such chaos?" the diplomat asked. "I suppose it isn't quite a strong and stable Brexit yet." Leaving the European Union was once far-fetched: only 15 years ago, British leaders were arguing about when to join the euro, and talk of an EU exit was the reserve of a motley crew of skeptics on the fringes of both major parties. But the turmoil of the euro zone crisis, fears in Britain about immigration and a series of miscalculations by former Prime Minister David Cameron prompted Britain to vote by 52 to 48 percent for Brexit in a June 23 referendum last year. Leaving the EU - the biggest blow since World War Two to European efforts at forging unity - is now the official consensus of both the Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party.

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